Feel Better with Direct Access to Care

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Sometimes we suppress pain after it becomes a kind of new normal. Maybe you injured your shoulder or back while you were working on a house project or playing golf. It was really painful at first and bothered you, but then you decided that it might go away, or maybe it just became a dull ache and even though it is constant, you can sort of live with it. Because the thought of going to the doctor to try to get a referral to go to physical therapy
just seems like too much effort.

What if you could just make an appointment with your local physical therapist for an evaluation and treatment and didn’t have to go to the doctor first? Well, you can! Since 2014, Oklahoma residents have had Direct Access to physical therapy treatment up to 30 days. If treatment goes beyond 30 days, that is when your physician will need to be notified and a visit may be necessary.

This Direct Access to care went into place in order to allow patients to have faster access to treatment, the opportunity of cost savings, and overall improved health. At Peak PT, we communicate with your physician and keep them up to date on your physical therapy progress. We make your physician a partner in your healthcare plan, even if their prescription or referral is not required.

Knowing that you have control of your physical well-being, now is the time to feel better! If you have that aching shoulder, injured hip, plantar fasciitis, sciatic nerve pain, arthritis, lower back pain, twisted knee, vertigo or imbalance – whatever your pain or discomfort – you can call Peak Physical Therapy directly and schedule an appointment for care. Peak PT will do a thorough evaluation and set up a plan of treatment. You can use your insurance and no physician referral is needed.

Peak Physical Therapy’s goal is for you to feel better. We will help find the true cause of your pain or discomfort and then find a solution. We care about your quality of life. Please call us to schedule an appointment: 918-876-3898. We offer prompt scheduling for initial appointments and we have extended clinic hours to accommodate busy schedules.

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