Recover from Surgery Faster and Stronger with Physical Therapy

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Did you know that physical therapy BEFORE surgery can help with better recovery after surgery? Sometimes referred to as prehabilitation, physical therapy pre-surgery has many benefits.

Physical therapy prior to surgery strengthens muscles, resulting in a better functional outcome. Through specific exercises, skilled physical therapists help patients work on specific muscle groups in order to improve strength. In addition, physical therapy helps with range of motion.

For knee surgery, this would include leg specific exercises strengthening muscles and improving range of motion. Same would hold true for hip surgery. For shoulder or elbow surgery, the muscles targeted would be in the arms.

With physical therapy, the patient feels physically stronger going into the surgery and reduces complications during and after surgery. In addition, the recovery time is shortened with faster healing post-surgery. Hospital stay time is decreased and readmission rates are lowered. Patients who do physical therapy before surgery are also more prepared emotionally which results in better recovery outcomes.

You are probably familiar with physical therapy AFTER surgery. Often, this may be someone’s first or only experience with physical therapy.

Post-surgery physical therapy is important for healing, and often at a much faster rate than those who don’t do it. First, physical therapy can help with pain management after surgery in a natural way without the use of excessive narcotics. Second, if you are having surgery for knee, hip, leg or foot, physical therapy helps to regain balance immediately following surgery.

Working with a skilled physical therapist post-surgery will help patients minimize scar tissue and improve range of motion. This is important for the short-term and equally vital for the long-term. Without physical therapy, patients may find that they never regain their mobility. With physical therapy, patients improve flexibility and regain motion at a much faster and longer rate.

Physical therapy before and after surgery offers improved strength, faster recovery, improved range of motion and better long-term results.

For information on how Peak Physical Therapy can specifically help you before and after your surgery, please call 918-876-3898 to schedule an appointment.

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