How to Stay Safe During the Holidays

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During the holiday season, we all try to do too much. We are trying to rake leaves and get the yard ready, clean the house before company comes, shop for our guests, decorate with lights for the season, and more. When we are overextending ourselves, injuries tend to happen. Here are some tips to avoid injuries during the holidays.

While outside raking leaves, avoid overuse of certain joints and muscles. Begin by stretching your muscles to warm up for the task. Make sure you have proper equipment such as a rake that is the right size and weight for your height. Use proper lifting techniques when putting leaves in the bag and when picking up full bags. Keep your back straight and bend with the knees and hips. Stop every 10 minutes or so to stretch and give your muscles a break. This is a good time to get a drink of water as well.

Many of the same tips for raking leaves can be used inside the house. When doing a full-house cleaning, wear comfortable shoes and warm up your muscles before a full day of vacuuming floors, changing sheets and moving furniture around. Make sure to use proper lifting movements to avoid lower back injury.

Did you realize that even shopping can cause injuries? While you are out buying groceries or gifts, use precautions. Be aware of your surroundings in holiday crowds and winter weather conditions. Look where you are walking to avoid tripping on curbs or falling on an icy sidewalk. Even making sure your shoelaces are tied, especially if you left your house in a hurry, can be helpful.

Now we get to the serious safety concerns – holiday lights and Christmas trees! If you plan on putting up lights outside your home, take your time to put your ladder securely in place, make sure your lights are all untangled and working before you attempt to climb up the ladder. Same goes for the Christmas tree. Don’t try to overextend yourself to get the star on the top of the tree, or use a ladder that is not properly set up.

Even if you are extra cautious, accidents can happen. If you have suffered a holiday injury, please call Peak Physical Therapy at 918-876-3898 to schedule an appointment. We can help you with joint pain, lower back pain, muscle pain, hip injuries or any other physical therapy treatment you may need. We want to help you feel better and get back to what you love to do during the holiday season. We are located at 2503 SE Washington Blvd. Bartlesville, OK. We hope you have a safe, healthy and wonderful time with loved ones during the holidays!

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