How Physical Therapy helps with Balance and Independence

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Balance is vital to mobility and independence. When you suddenly don’t feel steady on your feet, your balance is off. This can result in a fall or even just a fear of falling. At this point, your fear of falling, especially in a public place, may cause you to stay home. Staying home makes you sedentary and this inactivity causes your balance to worsen, thus creating a vicious cycle.

Physical therapy improves strength and function, restores activity and reduces the risk of falling. Through specific strength exercises and physical therapy treatment, Peak PT physical therapists help patients gain confidence in balance and mobility.

Strength and balance lead to increased movement and physical activity, all of which is needed for independence. As people age, a sedentary lifestyle can result in unsteady feet, lack of confidence in getting out, and weakened muscles. These combined indicators can risk someone’s independence as they rely on other support systems to manage daily functions.

If you or a loved one is having a difficult time walking independently, is afraid to step on or off curbs, is unable to get out of a chair or bed with ease, or has recently fallen – now is the time to try physical therapy! With years of experience and a mission to help people get back to doing what they love to do, Merlin Johnson, PT, and Pam Johnson, PT, are here to help!

For more information on how Peak Physical Therapy can help with balance and mobility, please call 918-876-3898 to schedule an appointment. 2503 SE Washington Blvd. Bartlesville, OK.

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