Lower Back Pain Relief with Physical Therapy

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Lower back pain can cause frustration, inactivity and an inability to function. While some back pain can be from a bulging disk or sciatic nerve or something more serious, often, lower back pain is a result of one’s own actions and can be corrected. Physical therapy can help determine the cause of lower back pain and how to find relief from the pain. Generally there are three main causes of lower back pain: poor posture, frequent improper bending or lifting heavy items. Whatever the cause, people often become inactive due to the pain, resulting in lingering or even chronic pain. The objective is to determine the cause of pain and find a long-term solution to resolve it.

Poor Posture: You may not even realize that your posture is causing your lower back pain, either standing posture or sitting posture, or both. Peak Physical Therapy can assess your posture and help find a solution through targeted tutorials and active exercises to improve your posture. While it may take some time and it may feel unnatural at first, through physical therapy movements and increased core strength, good posture and pain relief can be achieved.

Bending: You may be bending forward repetitively in the workplace or even during tasks around the house. With today’s smart phones and tablets, people are even bending down repetitively to look down at their electronic devices. Physical therapy can help by working on range of motion in your back and building strength in the muscles of the lower back and core, thereby alleviating pain.

Lifting Heavy Objects: If you have recently lifted a heavy item and strained your muscles, Peak Physical Therapy can use both passive treatments, such as heat and dry needling to alleviate pain; as well as active exercises to improve strength and range of motion to relieve immediate pain and help prevent further injuries.

Peak Physical Therapy specializes in identifying the true cause of pain or discomfort and addressing those issues to obtain the best long-term outcome for each individual patient. If you have lower back pain that is causing you to be inactive or preventing you from doing what you enjoy doing, please call Peak Physical Therapy to schedule an appointment: 918-336-4822.

Your lower back pain may be resolved from one of the above-mentioned treatments or physical therapy can also help alleviate pain from bulging disks and sciatica. Let Peak Physical Therapy help determine what is causing your pain and find a solution.

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