Vertigo helped by Physical Therapy

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Vertigo, or vestibular disorders, can result in nausea, fatigue and inability to function. If you have ever suffered from vertigo, you know that it can stop you in your tracks. Suddenly, you may feel like the world is spinning around you or that you yourself are spinning. You may experience dizziness and feel off-balance. Physical therapy can help with vertigo and the unsteady symptoms that go along with it.

BPPV, benign paroxysmal positional vertigo, occurs when tiny crystals break loose and are allowed to move within your inner ear. This movement of the crystals creates false information to be sent to your brain that tells it you are moving when in fact, you are not. This false data creates a sensation that you or the world is spinning.

Trained physical therapists at Peak PT can perform a set of maneuvers on patients suffering from BPPV, resulting in the crystals being moved out of the inner ear to an area where the crystals are then easily absorbed into the body. These maneuvers, which may be done in a few therapy sessions, will result in the vertigo dissipating.

The cause of BPPV isn’t always known, although it could be linked to age and occurs more frequently in women. Once someone has suffered from vertigo, there is an increased likelihood that it could occur again in the future.

Peak Physical Therapy has trained therapists who can evaluate your dizzy, spinning and off balance symptoms and then treat you to alleviate your vertigo caused by BPPV. Please call us to schedule an appointment: 918-876-3898. We offer prompt scheduling and we have extended clinic hours to accommodate busy schedules.

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