What is Holding You Back?

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Would you like to be active, but physical discomfort is holding you back?Are you missing out on doing the things that you love to do because of pain?

Maybe you used to love the hustle and bustle of the holidays –decorating, baking, shopping –but this past Christmas you didn’t feel like you had the energy to do the things you once loved to do. Is it because you have a pain in your back or hips that causes you to not be able to get around as easily as you once did? Do you feel like you missed out on the enjoyment of the holiday season?

Did you once enjoy golfing or playing tennis with friends, but now a sore shoulder or neck is preventing you from participating?

Are you missing out on family activities with your grandchildren because of an inability to stand or walk for long periods?

Maybe you even have difficulty getting up from your chair, so you have become sedentary instead of active?

All of these conditions that may be holding you back from participating in activities that you once enjoyed can be addressed through physical therapy.

A skilled physical therapist can assess what is the true cause of your pain or discomfort and then devise a plan to build strength, improve range of motion, and regain mobility. Through physical therapy, you will find relief from immediate pain and then get a long-term solution to your physical discomfort. Skilled physical therapy generally takes four to six weeks of appointments with your physical therapist. When you feel better and finish skilled physical therapy, you will be able to maintain the strength and mobility gained through physical therapy by staying active.

At Peak Physical Therapy, we want you to be able to do the things you love –whether that be enjoying holiday activities, participating in a long-loved sport, or spending time with your grandchildren. With our skilled physical therapy, you will be able to get back to doing what you love to do, and feel better during your everyday activities.

Please call us to schedule an appointment:918-876-3898, and let us help you resolve whatever is holding you back. Let the new year begin with a new commitment to yourself. We offer prompt scheduling for initial appointments and we have extended clinic hours to accommodate busy schedules.

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